Who We Help

Power2Change Foundation looks to support children globally with an ultimate goal to have a center or location in all 50 states.

Because a large percentage of students in areas of high risk situations stop attending school after 8th grade, the Power2Change center reaches children in the transitional year from elementary school to middle school with a focus on students from sixth through eighth grade.

The Power2Change Foundation reaches out to students displaying the following “ABC of Risk” characteristics below:


Increased absenteeism or pattern of missed classes


Acting out, withdrawing, changing life values


Failing courses, academically underperforming

Characteristics of a Power2Change Foundation Student:

  • Not being challenged in school
  • No educational expectations from family or school
  • Feelings of parental control and a wish to rebel
  • Struggle with problems at home

  • Feeling of not “fitting” in – social awkwardness
  • Poor learning conditions at school
  • Have siblings or peers who have dropped out of school

The Power2Change Foundation works with local school leadership including intervention specialists, guidance counselors, teachers, social workers, Juvenile Bright Futures coordinators, and coaches to identify those students who will benefit the most from our programs. We also partner with local churches and other community organizations to assist in this selection and discovery process.