Who We Are

We are passionate individuals committed to creating a movement for change.

Board of Directors

We must be innovative in serving as an umbrella organization for a host of partners across the United States and around the world, providing funding, technology, support and programming in youth clubs and organizations that inspire creativity and empathy.

The Power2Change Foundation Board Members promote the Power2Change Foundation by serving as spokespersons and volunteers with our partner organizations.

Heather Stone


Heather StoneAs a pioneering business woman, Heather possesses an innate ability to listen, adapt to, and create solutions that have positioned her as a trusted advisor to many Fortune 1000 corporate executives. Her drive to succeed has always extended far beyond the corporate arena where she originally co-founded Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI), a leading provider of electronic payment solutions and the founding company behind Power2Change (P2C).


At CSI, Heather served for over 20 years as the global lead for a myriad of evolving payment divisions, guiding the company into market-leading positions in multiple verticals including manufacturing, construction, energy, hospitality, healthcare, media, sports and entertainment.


As the President of Power2Change, Heather brings these same leadership principles to her current role, working to affect positive and measurable change for young people by creating programs and initiatives that stimulate academic, athletic and personal development on a global scale through technology, funds, time and knowledge.


Heather is also a passionate supporter of local and national youth charities outside of P2C, including The Texas Rangers Youth Foundation, No Barriers USA, The Tiger Woods Foundation, George Gervin Youth Center, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


Her commitment to the community is further demonstrated through her involvement in several women’s business organizations where she is a frequent national speaker, has been recognized for leadership by the International Women’s Leadership Association, was named Professional Woman of the Year in 2013 by the National Association of Professional Women, and received recognition in 2015 and 2016 from Women in Leadership.


Heather is an alumna of Pepperdine University where she studied business and journalism.

Amy Schindler

Amy Schindler

Director of Operations

Juliann Pless

Nan Dawson

Nan Dawson

Keith Stone

Keith Stone


David Disque

David Disque

Mary Beth Fisher

Mary Beth Fisher

Ashley Beal

Tien Stone Langlois

Tien Stone Langlois

Director/Instructor at Scholars Together Learning Community, Inc.



We are passionate about helping our communities throughout the world, and providing opportunities for underserved children to grow and succeed in life. With the Power2Change Foundation, we want to support and enable initiatives stimulating the academic, athletic and personal development of young people around the globe, with technology, funds, time and knowledge. Though a newly established foundation, P2C is derived from a long history of philanthropy and community impact.



The Power2Change Foundation was created in 2016 by CSI. While corporate giving has been core to the company’s operations since its founding in 1989, the formation of the Power2Change Foundation provides the opportunity to give more strategically and to better organize, focus and track the impact of our philanthropic efforts.

Our Mission

Our Mission: To inspire and empower middle school youth.


Our Task: Provide youth with the inspiration to dream, skills to succeed and Power2Change the world.


We Believe in the Theory of Positive CHANGE for Youth in the World:


  • We believe children are creators, innovators, sports heroes and architects of the future, not merely pupils and consumers.
  • Through the Power2Change Foundation’s support, we believe children will be empowered to CHANGE and enhance their creativity, entrepreneurialism and athletic desires every day to fulfill their lives.
  • Through the spirit of athletics and after-school creative activities, the Power2Change Foundation seeks to inspire and encourage individual growth. We believe the building blocks of teamwork, confidence and cooperation help create happy lives.
  • Widespread prosperity and global peace can be attained because early creativity can be learned and empathy can be taught.

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